Art for Music


The purpose of “The Winkelman Art for Music Foundation” is to support young musicians with financial assistance to study, purchase or repair musical instruments and to fund projects and concerts.

The support would derive from the income from the sale of my paintings (Regula Winkelman of Biel-Benken, Switzerland.)

Regula Winkelman Photo: Paul Simmen


Born 1943 in Thayngen, Switzerland; schooled at Schaffhausen, I trained as a teacher and also to work with children. I studied as a harpsichordist in Vienna with Isolde Ahlgrimm. Back in Switzerland I led a family life with three children, teaching and concerting for many years. After moving to Basel in 1996, I started painting more. My teacher was Milan Vasalek.

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Light is the central theme in my work. I was trained to be a teacher. Although my first profession was teaching, my second was a musician and my third, a painter. When you play music all your life, you start to realise that by being an interpreter, all that you do is transient. When you play and you reach a moment of fulfilment, perfection of technique, subtlety of sound, the right tension within the musical bows, this moment of grace, when not recorded, is never preserved and the happiness, only shared if you play in public. The wish to create something long- lasting often occurs with musicians. In German, you find the expressions “Klangfarbe” and “Farbklänge”. This means that the musician uses ‘colour’ to express the quality of sound and the painter lends the word “Klang” in connection with colour to express the harmony of colours. When one realises this in music, one will also try to realise it in art.

My paintings, evolved mostly from my imagination, often have a surrealistic touch. The choice of colour and style varies much. I use mostly acrylic paint, sometimes on special paper, sometimes on canvas or on chassis’ (material on a wooden frame).

I hope the harmony of my paintings finds a resonance in the heart of the observer.

Sold paintings will be replaced by new ones. Please come again and visit my site, thank you.

The flutist