Art for Music


On my own behalf

I did neglect this website during the last months, because I was writing the biography of my former harpsichord teacher Isolde Ahlgrimm. She was an important forerunner of historical performance practice in music during the last century.

The book will be published this fall by Böhlau Edition, Vienna.

A colorated portrait drawing of hers will be seen on the cover of the book.

In memoriam Florian Winkelman

My son Florian Winkelman, who has created this beautiful website for me, died on Sept.29th, 2014. His employer CGM Niederwangen and his friends and colleagues collected money to buy the painting mountain river 2 to be hung in their offices in memory of Florian. This is a light in a dark time. Thank you!
This money will be used to support somebody with a need which would please Florian in particular.


Art instead of Music

A contribution to a handicapped painter for the purchase of painting materials

lessons in Alexander technique

The donation payed the semester fee for Alexander technique to a french student of Basle Music Academy. This method helps for all musicians to cope with the physical problems occuring by playing an instrument.

piano tuning

Contribution to a pianist for 3 times tuning her grand piano

Masterclass in Hungary

The donation could provide a sum to a Swiss composer to enable the participation of a masterclass in Szombathely, given by the famous conductor and composer Peter Eötvös in Summer 2014.

Repair of a violin bow

The donation gladly could support a first project, namely the restoration of an old violin bow "Pecatte".
Pecatte was one of the famous french bow makers of the 19th century, who's work  is still very much favoured by violinists. In this case, the frog has to be replaced by a copy to allow the bow to be used professionally. Of course, the original frog will be conserved.


Dear visitor

This website is the realisation of a project which developed in my mind during recent years.

Over the years, lots of works were painted, kept on shelves and in portfolios which I thought could better please other people. I would like to present them now to a wider public. I do not intend to make a personal profit from the sales, but I would like to have my expenses covered ( painting material, atelier costs, ports). I have calculated this and so, the donation could receive 75 % of the income.

I would like to inform you periodically of the projects supported financially through your donations.


The flutist